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Republic of Federal GermanyAmbassador Holqr on a visit to the Orphan's Development Foundation

Germany's ambassador in Yemen Holqr visited Orphans' DevelopmentalFoundation during which he briefed on educational and training sections at the Faculty of modern technology He checked  out sections : telecommunications engineering, programming and computer applications, electrical engineering and Interior Design . He also briefed on the sectors of  the institution where he visited the factory ofSolartksolar heaters and aluminum factory PVC ……………a brief explanation for the labs, factories and workshops in terms of importance and economic feasibility and production lines for the factories  productivity.

In his Speaking words thanked all the workers  in the institution and on the detailed presentation he said ,: The  sums of huge  money for development projects  not only come in the framework of international conventions  .He added the  training and qualifying system in Orphan's Development Foundation much similar to the training and qualifying system in Germany ..

The Ambassador expressed the hope of joint cooperation between the institution and the embassyto  train the students on Germany  industry and technology style..

He said: What I saw much better than I have seen in government institutions and I will talk with the German Development Agency (GIZ) for the purpose of cooperation with the Foundation and the potential available for the purpose of official development cooperation.

In the words of Secretary General of the institution in which he reviewed the idea of the institution which is the framework for all orphans from Yemen, where they enable the orphan of self-reliance and its focus on the industry as among the goals and visions of the institution and existing and future projects . He reviewed the idea of industrial units that come as a prelude to the industrial city and partnership with Malaysian companies to transfer modern technology ..