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Economic Corporation funded the projectof blankets winter for orphans in the Orphan's Development Foundation

Orphans' Development Foundation launched Economic Corporation Fund forNew Year 2013 in the  project winter  blanketwhichhas distributed  for hundreds  of orphans as the beginning of cooperation and partnership with  the orphans . During the ceremony  there were containing  songs  keep up with the launch and then the word by orphans and guests . Song pan has provided awelcome technical link which was  acclaimed and appreciated by the audience .

In a speech orphanage which he welcomed the attendees said: welcome parents is not strange to you to do goodness , Sincere gratitude for your goodness efforts  and what the Orphans' Development Foundation offer  of care and rehabilitation of orphans is a model and expressed ambitious orphan saying: The orphan can be great when he gets sponsored..

In a speech guests Sir / Sufi Abdul Hamid said,"I wish of God  tocalculates this stand and also hope from all either authorities or NGOs to offer the assistance  and support  for the orphans ..

He said ," what excited me is the technical words that I heard in the song that speaks of orphanage language  I wish from the media  todiffuse it ."
He Finally said, "May Allah reward the brothers whoworks in the foundation  and  what we contribute is merely   a drop of the bottle of what good and businessmen contribute to the orphans , this groupAllah will  help it  and intervene  to contribute of  the  community  building and we hope to be good soldiers to help the orphans.

The event was attended by Deputy General Director of the Economic Corporation Sir / Sufi Abdul Hamid , SecretariatDirector o of the capital / Khaled Ali Kassem  , Secretary General of Orphan's Development  Foundation Dr/ Hamid Ziad  , General Manager of the foundation / Mohamed Hassan Amin .