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Orphans' Development Foundation launched for the new year 2013, its first medical campaign in collaboration with Nibras Charitable Society foundation to preview and treatment of eye diseases.

In a statement to the Health Administration Director  / Ahmed Shahry said: health campaign come to test and treatment of eye diseases launch of 2013, the first medical outreach held by the health department . The medical campaign targets 350 students who joined the qualifying and training sectors  , both College of modern technology or sections and training workshops as well as targeted for 100 employees in the foundation.

He added  D / Shahry and we have a cooperation agreement with the Noor Eye Clinic to transfer cases , testing and operations.

When asked about the medicine  and treatments prescribed to campaign reviewers patients  He answered  The disposal of medicine and treatments are free from the pharmacy of the charitable institution.

It is worth mentioning that the institution has several campaigns and medical camps for the previous year 2012, targeting orphans and specialties of ear, nose , throat , eye diseases and included tests , inspections and operations (including operations tonsillectomy) across a number of hospitals , health centers and in coordination with the Medical charitable  Association was also able to obtain free medical  grants for orphans  and  also help orphans who has chronic and incurable diseases.